Massachusetts Safety and Health Requirements for Public Sector Employees

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The foundation of a comprehensive security or preparedness program is an understanding of the threats, hazards, risks, and vulnerabilities upon which all programs are built and entail identifying and assessing the critical assets and capabilities for the organization, including people, facilities, equipment, processes, and information. 



Planning provides the framework for organization preparedness and response. Planning covers a range of activities; from Hazard Mitigation Plans, Security Plans, Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans, to Recovery Plans. Ranger develops plans that are integrated, realistic, scalable, and adaptable.  



Recovery starts during the preparedness phase. Preplanned recovery accelerates the restoration of essential services, caring for physical, psychological, and economic needs of those affected. Recovery planning also sets the conditions to integrate resiliency and sustainability into the rebuilding process. 



A comprehensive training program addresses individual, team, and collective training requirements. The training program must be realistic and sustainable. Training plans and programs should be inclusive of potential hazards and situations and should be designed to maximize learning and comprehension.  

Health and Safety


A well developed and implemented  Health and Safety program is essential for all public and private sector employers. An implemented program provides employees at all levels with the proper resources (policies, procedures, training, supervision, materials and equipment) to perform their job safely.